Tagboard Sign Up UI/UX (2015)

The new business strategy was to switch from self-serve to only custom plans. This would help ease support with a small team and focus our efforts on enterprise. With each plan (free, pro, plus, enterprise) and the features alongside, the quality/quantity of inbound was low. Also, showing a set dollar amount on the website became an issue with global pricing.

Solution: Create one, smart signup flow for all users and potential client types.

User Research 

  • Gathered analytics and new user surveys to determine the core problems
  • Customer interviews and surveys for feedback
  • Discovered it was too easy for potential clients to submit a demo request, overlooking the Tagboard features and adding time for biz-dev to understand their needs/wants
  • Set up card sorting tests to prioritize features

IA, Task Flows, and Wireframes

  • Updated the sitemap to include a new suite of research tools and upcoming products
  • Created scenario and task flow sheets for personas
  • Created full page wireframes based on task flows

Prototype, Test, and Ship

  • Design User Interface mockups
  • Created HTML/CSS prototypes to get validation and feedback
  • Ship and Track results on Wufoo