Tagboard iOS App (2015)

The mobile browser experience of tagboard.com was not optimized for the growing product feature set. Based on our findings, there are two main user types. The researcher, who uses the interaction and search UI to discover content from all the social networks in one place. And the customer admin, who uses the moderation tools to create a story with embedding or presentation displays.

Solution: Create a simple, native app designed primarily for both the researcher and the client admin on the go.

User Research 

  • Competitive analysis was light due to the lack of options in the industry, but the main inspiration came from in-house management tools from the major social networks (facebook, twitter, and instagram)
  • Customer interviews and surveys for feedback

IA, Task Flows, and Wireframes

  • Updated the sitemap to include a new suite of research tools and upcoming products
  • Created scenario and task flow sheets for personas
  • Created mobile wireframes based on task flows

Prototype, Test, and Ship

  • Design mobile User Interface mockups
  • Created interactive prototypes to get validation and feedback
  • Ship and Track results