Tagboard Content Rights UI/UX (2016)

For many businesses, the basic rights granted by social networks to user-generated content is not enough to leverage that content in advertisements, on air, or detached from its original context on the network.

Solution: Add digital publishing tools with Tagboard’s ease of use and market leading social display solution.

User Research 

  • Competitive analysis was light due to the lack of options in the industry, but the main inspiration came from in-house management tools from the major social networks (facebook, twitter, and instagram)
  • Customer interviews and surveys for feedback

IA, Task Flows, and Wireframes

  • Updated the sitemap to include a new suite of research tools and upcoming products
  • Created scenario and task flow sheets for personas
  • Created full page wireframes based on task flows

Prototype, Test, and Ship

  • Design User Interface mockups
  • Created HTML/CSS prototypes to get validation and feedback
  • Ship and Track results through Google Analytics