Moz Rebrand/Redesign (2013)

The original "SEOmoz" name was limiting. For many people outside of the community, the acronym SEO has (unfair) associations with spam or manipulation. The new company mission is to help people do better in all aspects of marketing.

Solution: Redesign existing UI to match the new Moz brand direction while launching a new Analytics product.

User Research 

  • Competitive analysis of similar SEO and inbound marketing tools
  • Customer interviews and surveys for feedback
  • Set up card sorting to organize new Information Architecture

IA, Task Flows, and Wireframes

  • Updated the sitemap to include a new suite of research tools and upcoming products
  • Created scenario and task flow sheets for personas
  • Created full page wireframes based on task flows

Prototype, Test, and Ship

  • Design User Interface mockups
  • Created interactive prototypes to get validation and feedback
  • Ship and Track results